Is it possible to go for Umrah alone i.e. without a male Mahram?

For any Muslim, Male or Female, Umrah isn’t a religious obligation but a sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). In other words, if a person having the financial, physical, and mental capability for Umrah still doesn’t perform it, there’s no sin for him/her i.e. it’s not a Fardh. However, since it’s the sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) it’s advised to never miss out on such an opportunity to perform umrah.
As the rituals of umrah also resemble Hajj’s rituals, its often called as the ‘minor pilgrimage’ and have great worldly and afterlife rewards for pilgrims. That’s why, Muslims from all around the world travel throughout the year for the performance of the holy rituals of Umrah in Makkah, Saudia Arabia. 
The necessity of a Mahram.
When it comes to the umrah performance, Men can travel alone for it i.e. they don’t need a mahram accompanying them. However, for women, the necessity of a mahram remains. 
Who is a Mahram?
In the Islamic perspective, Mahram for a woman is its legal escort when traveling and with whom marriage is Haram i.e. unmarriable kin. However, her husband is an exception. There are 3 types of Mahram;
1. By Blood.
For a woman, Mahram by blood is her Grandfather (and further ancestors), Father, Brother, Nephew (sibling’s son and further descendants), Son, Grandson (and further descendants), Uncle (paternal or maternal and further ancestors).
2. By Marriage.
For a woman, Mahram by Marriage is her Husband, Son-in-law, Stepfather (mother’s husband), Father-in-law, Stepson (husband’s son).
3. By Fosterage.
For a woman, Mahram by fosterage is a child who she has breastfed for a period of 30 months (2.5 years).
Mahram for Women.
1. Saudi Rules for umrah in 2019 and before.
In 2019 and before, accompanying a mahram for a woman was a necessity for umrah performance. The mahram must have to be a male relative of at least 18 years old. Otherwise, the woman was not allowed to enter the kingdom. This rule applied to the women who were 45 years of age or younger.
For women who were over 45 years, it was permissible to travel alone but in the organized groups. Yet, they still had to obtain a notarized NOC i.e. No Objection Certificate from their Mahram. 
2. Saudi Rules for Umrah in late 2019.
In late 2019, the new Saudi Government announced its ‘Saudi Vision 2030’ plan. Under which amendments were made to boost tourism, infrastructure, health, professional, and education facilities in the kingdom. Consequently, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah also revised its policies and major changes were made in regard to the question of Mahram for a woman in order to perform Umrah.
As per the new rules, Women can now travel alone for Umrah i.e. they no longer need to accompany a mahram. In addition, Umrah can also be performed on a tourist visa which is available by both on-arrival basis and e-services.
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